High-Performance Data Processing Solutions

Kalray’s data acceleration cards are designed for high-performance storage and computing, offering unmatched efficiency and programmability. Engineered for AI, HPC, and edge computing, they provide exceptional performance per watt and per dollar.

The Power of Innovation

  • Kalray K200 (EOL)
  • Kalray K300
  • Kalray TC4

A game changer for data-centric heterogeneous processing tasks and edge computing.

Kalray K300

Unparalleled Performance for Demanding Applications

The Kalray K300 significantly enhances server performance by offloading intensive tasks from the main CPU. It’s an ideal solution for AI and parallel processing algorithms, offering comparable computing power to mid-range GPUs but with significantly lower power consumption. While perfect for Smart Storage acceleration, the K300 is also versatile for various high-performance computing applications.

Key Specifications:

  • Processor: Kalray MPPA®3-80 V1.2 @ 1GHz
  • SSD Support: Up to 24 x 30TB NVMe SSD
  • Interface: X16 PCIe Gen4, 2x QSFP28 100Gb Ethernet
  • Performance: Up to 25 FP16 TFLOPS
  • Power Consumption: 36W (typical), 42W (max)

Why Choose Quantum Core?

  • Versatile Use Cases: Supports storage acceleration, AI, and parallel processing.
  • High Efficiency: Reduces CPU load while optimizing performance.
  • Flexible and Programmable: Compatible with any OS and server.

Kalray TC4

A Paradigm Shift in Compute Acceleration and edge computing

The TurboCard4 (TC4) revolutionizes compute acceleration for AI-powered smart vision and data-indexing applications. Housing four Coolidge2™ DPUs, TC4 combines classical and AI-based processing technologies, offering up to 100 FP16 TFLOPS at 250W power consumption. Manufactured in France, TC4 delivers unmatched efficiency and performance for the most demanding AI workloads.

Key Specifications:

  • Processor: 4x Kalray MPPA®3-80 V1.2 @ 1GHz
  • Interface: X16 PCIe Gen4, 2x QSFP28 100Gb Ethernet
  • Performance: Up to 100 FP16 TFLOPS
  • Power Consumption: 60W (typical), 250W (max)

Why Choose Efficient Frontier?

  • High Efficiency: Superior performance with lower power consumption.
  • Made in France: Produced in partnership with Asteelflash, ensuring high-quality manufacturing.
  • Scalability: Ideal for complex, parallel-processing tasks.

The Coolidge processor is designed for data-intensive tasks, combining high performance with energy efficiency. It excels in handling a vast array of parallel operations, making it ideal for AI, real-time data processing, and edge computing applications.

Kalray MPPA® DPU Manycore

The Coolidge processor, part of Kalray’s 3rd generation MPPA® DPU family, features a Massively Parallel Processor Array architecture. It addresses the explosion of data that traditional technologies struggle to handle efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Massively Parallel Processor Array: Composed of computing clusters connected via AXIFabric bus grid and RDMANoC (Network-on-Chip) interconnects.
  • Efficient Data Transfers: Optimized for diverse data transfer types, enhancing read/write access and network communication.
  • Robust Partitioning: Ensures safe operation through configurable memory management units (MMUs) and memory protection units (MPUs).

Kalray’s DPUs excel in managing massive data flows and multiple workloads, providing superior performance per watt compared to traditional CPUs.

Kalray’s advanced software solutions, tailored for high-performance data processing.

  • Efficient Data Orchestration: Seamlessly manage and orchestrate data across storage and compute resources.
  • AI and HPC Optimization: Enhance AI and HPC workloads with efficient data transfer and processing.
  • SDKs and APIs: Easily develop custom applications with Kalray’s comprehensive SDKs and open APIs.