Our products have been rigorously tested with a variety of algorithms and applications, demonstrating exceptional performance across diverse fields:

  • AI (e.g. GANs, RNN): Compatible with leading AI frameworks like Mistral.ai and LLama.
  • Medical Imaging: Optimized for high-precision medical imaging applications.
  • Industrial Applications: Robust performance for industrial data processing.
  • Data Analytics: Capable of handling large-scale data analytics with ease.

Language Support

Our products support a wide range of programming languages, particularly excelling in parallel processing with:

OpenCL: For cross-platform parallel programming.

C, C++: For high-performance computing tasks.

(System)Verilog, VHDL: for flexible hardware design.

POSIX (OpenMP): for scalable and efficient multi-threading.

Brane SDK

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a unified development environment to streamline your workflow:

  • IntelliJ-Based: Our SDK is built on IntelliJ, providing a familiar and powerful IDE.
  • Efficient Compilation: Includes plugins like Gradle for efficient code compilation.
  • Single Entry Point: Develop and manage applications for all our products from one central interface.

The Brane SDK is a streamlined tool for developing applications on our products. It features smart plugins for each computing unit, compilation scripts, and the Brane-builder software.

Unified Environment

Our SDK provides a single, integrated environment for developing across all our products, workstations and platforms, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

Efficient Compilation

Experience fast and reliable compilation with our Gradle-based build system, enabling rapid development and immediate feedback on your code changes.

Versatile Language Support

The Brane SDK supports multiple programming languages including OpenCL, C, C++, Verilog, and VHDL, catering to a wide range of development needs.

Enhanced Tools

Benefit from advanced development tools such as code templates, GitHub integration, and a comprehensive project view for easy navigation and management.

Why Choose Brane SDK

Solve Complex Challenges: The Brane SDK is designed to tackle the most demanding computing tasks, providing the tools needed to optimize performance and efficiency across AI, medical imaging, industrial applications, and data analytics.

Maximize Development Efficiency: With seamless integration, instant compilation, and versatile language support, the Brane SDK reduces development time and effort, allowing developers to focus on innovation.

Future-Proof Your Applications: Built on IntelliJ IDEA with advanced plugins, the SDK ensures your applications are ready for future technological advancements, providing a sustainable and scalable development environment.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity: Comprehensive documentation, sample codes, and responsive support make it easy for teams to collaborate and achieve their project goals efficiently.